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TERiX: Your one-call hardware maintenance provider.

Concerned about #shellshock?

TERiX has created free BASH patches for several Solaris operating system releases, including end-of-support-life Solaris releases. These address all known BASH vulnerabilities and were created by TERiX engineers under open source covered by General Public License (GPL).

You can test your systems and get more information about this Bash vulnerability at (Note: The shellshocker link is not affiliated with TERiX and is not subject to our privacy policy or website terms of use).

click for server supportTERiXSERVER delivers enterprise-grade hardware support for servers and mainframes in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. TERiX supports new and legacy hardware, mixed-vendor environments, and multiple service levels on the same contract, with volume discounting across brands. Click for more details.

click for storage supportTERiXSTORAGE offers hardware maintenance on systems ranging from small NAS appliances to giant walk-in storage devices, both new and legacy. TERiX lets you retain critical storage systems affordably for decades after the OEM has declared them End of Service Life. Click for more details.

click for Network supportTERiXNETWORK hardware support is available for directors, routers, switches and more. TERiX offers a proactive option (and onsite service) for the devices that need it, and reactive options on devices that don't. Avoid every-device-always SmartNet™ subscription fees - and mix and match SLA levels on the same contract. Click for more details.

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divider line click here to download the open source Shellshock BASH patch for Solaris from TERiX
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As an independent Silicon Valley-based provider of server, storage, and network maintenance services, TERiX serves more than 1,000 customers around the world. TERiX support options include onsite server, storage, network maintenance with plans that include 24/7 coverage, spares onsite, next-day parts, and UNIX based operating system configuration, system administration, and error analysis and diagnosis services.

TERiX Computer Service - World-Class Server, Storage, and Network Maintenance

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